What CTI Can Do For You

CTI solves business problems. Yeah, we know everyone says that but, we really do. For 25 years, we have been providing strategic guidance, business and technology solutions for clients wishing to solve their most complex challenges involving data analytics, cloud applications, big data, and data discovery. We create long-term relationships by delivering thoughtful recommendations, and innovative, high quality, and high value solutions. Your data is our passion.

Our Mission:

To create amazing outcomes for our clients, team members, and communities. This means delivering the best solutions that solve the most complex and interesting business challenges that our clients are facing. It means enabling a rewarding life for the people who work here and making the communities we live in stronger.

Our Solutions

For 25 years CTI has provided critical analytics, data protection and cyber security solutions essential for the complex business of leveraging IT innovation while reducing risk.

By Journey

We have developed 360-degree analytical solutions of the customer journey across multiple industries, including specialized offerings for healthcare and higher education and for marketing functions across all industries. These highly customizable solutions provide a complete "Universe" the information you need to serve your customers with trusted data and analytics across the entire relationship lifecycle.

By Industry

We understand that every industry has distinct needs and requirements. We appreciate the unique challenges you face and value the importance of staying on top of your competition, market regulations and demands. For these reasons and more, we work hard to apply our domain expertise, business insights, and tailored solutions to exceed your expectations.

By Role

We harness the transformative power of information through advanced analytics, AI and machine learning to deliver a "single version of the truth" across your organization. Our solutions drive better more informed decisions, reveal new opportunities, and accelerate your digital transformation.

CustomerUniverse Gap Analysis

Critical Security Controls Assessment

Data & Analytics

Tap into the powerful insights through the data and advanced analytic solutions we provide. Our 25 years’ experience providing Business Intelligence solutions across many industries is a competitive differentiator for your organization. We deliver trusted and reliable information in ways that lead to better more informed decision making, and greater opportunities for successful business outcomes for your organization.

Strategy & Roadmaps

We work with your stakeholders to develop long-term strategies and approaches to analytics and data management that includes multi-year plans to support your business direction, goals and objectives.

Advanced Data Visualization

We replace static reporting with stunning visualizations that more easily help you to identify trends, increase performance and optimize opportunities. We utilize streaming data and interactive analytics that simplify data analysis and help you make more informed business decisions faster and with more confidence.

Data Engineering

We are experts at understanding the data in your systems, its quality and security issues, and how to integrate and leverage its value. Our experience in designing and developing data-intensive solutions is an asset that we bring to every project we deliver.

Adoption & Engagement

Our solutions provide your workforce with a user experience that exceeds their expectations. We work with you to ensure positive outcomes that leading to increased usage and competitive value to your organization.

Security Services

For more than two decades CTI has delivered proven security solutions that encompass all our client’s critical concerns while carefully considering their crucial business investment drivers. Our team of experts help organizations define their security strategies, identify risks and expose threats in unique ways that provide enhanced security, peace of mind and immediate business value.

Managed Security

We provide managed security solutions that help you navigate today's persistent threat landscape and scale with your business. We help you keep up with the pace of change across your technology landscape ensuring that your security programs grow and are properly aligned with your company’s growth.

Security Assessments

Our Cyber Consulting Compliance Services help you put an end to regulatory confusion, respond to business threats, pinpoint operational inefficiencies, and focus on the core of their business

Compliance Readiness

CTI works directly with your team to help to keep you in compliance with all the data security regulations applicable to your business. We translate the jargon of compliance acronyms into language that makes sense. We successfully guide you to a position of vigilance and strength, competence, and peace of mind.

Virtual CISO

Our vCISO services allow your company to leverage the expertise of an established security team when the expense of a full-time C-level hire is cost prohibitive. Our vCISO services range from strategic advice to operational expertise and our flexible program allows organizations to acquire proficiency and experience in areas most relevant while controlling costs.

Incident Response

Our incident response services are designed to stop attacks in their tracks, identify how they have affected your business, mitigate future damage, and collect all relevant evidence for civil, criminal, or regulatory proceedings.

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