What We Do

CTI approaches the development of a data governance initiative by aligning it with the needs, goals, and objectives of our clients’ business operations. Using a holistic approach, we work collaboratively with stakeholders from IT and from the business. We focus on continuously ensuring that trusted and quality data is delivered when and where it is needed and in the right format. We believe that strong governance is a driving force to the success of a data-driven digital transformation.

Regulatory Compliance

Minimize overall exposure and risk, comply with regulations like GDPR and NYCRR-500, ensure data quality at rest and in motion, engage all stakeholders to more effectively and collaboratively govern organizational data.

Customer Data Protection

Identify, manage, monitor and protect sensitive and private customer data anywhere in the organization. Close the gap between detection and protection of private data. Manage the handling of protected and personally identifiable information.

Contact Data Verification

Guarantee the accuracy of contact data ensuring that it is current and complete. Develop a holistic cross-department verification approach. Understand approaches and policies surrounding email address verification, avoid the repercussions of ISP blacklisting

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