We work with your cross-functional organization to create a Data Governance Plan that supports the business need  to manage data as a strategic asset. Our approach to developing the plan considers  the following elements:

The Data Governance Plan will  be developed in alignment with business operations and address the following .

  • Goals – Establish overarching goals for each area below.
  • People – Define the key data-related roles throughout the organization.
  • Data Inventory – Inventory and document all data sources.
  • Data Content Management – Identify purposes for which data are collected. Communicate purposes to staff and customers.
  • Data Records Management – Develop  policies that define how records should be created, maintained, and deleted.
  • Data Quality – Assign responsibility for data quality and audits  to appropriate staff.
  • Data Access – Define permissions and who has access to what systems.
  • Data Security – Define policies around data security, sharing of data, access to data.
  • Data Risk – Develop a risk assessment that defines the risk and the probability of occurrence.