What We Do

The CTI StudentUniverse provides complete student life-cycle analytics across the entire higher education journey from admissions to alumni management. CTI recognizes that stakeholders in Higher Education have fundamentally different sets of processes supporting everything from admissions, course and faculty management, up through alumni relations. Our 360-Degree StudentUniverse is an analytical solution that brings together all these processes into a single, comprehensive view to manage the entire student journey for more successful outcomes.

Admissions Dashboards

Advanced dashboards that provide trends for year over year incoming applicants by the admissions cycle. Uncover powerful dashboard indicators on the health of the recruitment pipeline by department, major, state, county, and high school. Attract the right students, maximize retention and sustain strong relationships throughout the student lifecycle.

Financial Aid Management

Harness the complexity of your financial grant data across applications that allows you to be more proactive in financial fund forecasting for a given cohort. Reconcile your G/L against student financials.

Progress to Degree

Forecast average time to degree from historical student progress and student engagement. Big data predictive models to identify student at risk of a positive outcome.

Donor Workbench

Information about the donor such as wealth, interests, connections, organized through continuous modelling into personas that shape engagement and messaging. Uncover indirect connections across constituencies that will aide new introductions, deepen influence, and foster relationships and effect commitment. Overlay the donor profile and persona to prescribe the interactions most appropriate to their situation – their best path to solicitation.

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