What We Do

We implement smart data catalogs for data-driven organizations utilizing an AI-powered data catalog and discovery engine to scan and catalog data across the enterprise, index it for enterprise-wide discovery using simple but powerful “Google-like” search capabilities. The maps we build provide end-to-end lineage, profiling statistics, and relationship views to give you a clear, complete picture of your data.

Connect and Catalog Data Sets

We use a machine-learning-based discovery to scan and catalog your data assets across the enterprise— cloud and on-premises, and big data anywhere. We collect metadata from databases, data warehouses, applications, cloud data stores, BI tools, Hadoop, NoSQL, and more which we index and catalog to enable users to find the most relevant and trusted data they need.

Business Glossary

We use business glossary assets such as terms, policies, and classifications to add rich business context to the data by associating business terms with the right technical metadata. We associate business terms with the technical metadata, to eliminate a tedious manual process for data governance. This allows business and IT stewards to collaboratively manage metadata that includes efficient human workflow automation.

Data Relationships

Discover and understand your data assets with holistic relationship views. Quickly identify related tables, views, domains, and reports. See intelligent data recommendations based on column similarity and inferred domains. Our solution automatically discovers related datasets, technical, business, semantic and usage-based relationships. The holistic data view shows related datasets, tables, views, data domains, reports, and users. This aids in the progressive discovery of other datasets of interest.

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