Organizations need visibility into their security posture by leveraging advanced threat analytics platforms with machine learning and automation to proactively uncover actionable information, preventing catastrophic security breaches.

The truth of the matter is that data security does not take care of itself. But Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions take the edge off of these concerns by acting as a constant watchdog that performs several services:

• Logging information
• Correlating data
• Alerting security administrators as soon as a breach is detected
• Providing a dashboard to provide a picture of what is happening in the environment at any given time

Simply put, SIEM solutions gives organizations visibility into their security posture by providing usable and actionable information. The only way to have any assurance that you are compliant with most information security regulations is to understand how your other controls are working and if they are functioning as intended. A SIEM appliance, if deployed and maintained properly, can give a security administrator insight into the moment-by-moment technical compliance status of his/her organization. At the same time, it can give executive management the insight they need to plan strategically.

CTI  delivers as a simple, but powerful, agent-based appliance solution. These appliances offer extensive capabilities for additional correlation, reporting and ad-hoc analysis, both locally on the appliance and via services provided through a Security Operations Center. With CTI security solutions, businesses can access their web-based SIEM portal to view data and access reports related to security events, alerts and incidents.