Sales & marketing analytics considers all marketing efforts across all channels over a span of time – which is essential for sound decision making and effective, efficient program execution. By using analytics to report on the past, you can answer such questions as: Which campaign elements generated the most revenue last quarter? How did email campaign A perform against direct mail campaign B? How many leads did we generate from blog post C versus social media campaign D?

Sales & marketing analytics enables you to determine how your marketing initiatives are performing right now by answering questions like: How are our customers engaging with us? Which channels do our most profitable customers prefer? Who is talking about our brand on social media sites, and what are they saying?

Lastly with sales & marketing analytics you cab predict and/or influence the future. Marketing analytics can deliver data-driven predictions that you can use to influence the future. Sales & marketing analytics for provides real time, fact-based insight into the entire sales process.

Sales & marketing analytics


Salesforce Performance Management

Improve targeting and uncover new cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Assess pipeline performance against plan. Manage sales pipelines by gaining insight into stage, history and aging. Drive average deal size by using predictive models to target high-revenue markets and prospects. Apply various scenarios to sales data and determine their impact to arrive at better decisions.

Customer Intelligence Analytics

Use customer feedback, transaction history and behaviors to build loyalty programs and initiatives; improve customer experience by delivering critical insights to front-line associates. Use Churn analysis to identify, analyze and lower customer churn; turn characteristics across key demographics into ways to attract advertisers and new partners.

Marketing Campaign Strategy

Build comprehensive customer profiles by integrating data from various operational and marketing data sources and applications. Identify and targeting unique customer segments and customizing the message for each.

Marketing Campaign Analysis

Enable drill down to details of customer segments, leads and response rates to better understand campaign success. Support collaboration on topics such as campaign strategy, segmentation and status to make more informed and transparent decisions.