We provide sales analytics and performance management solutions for sales organizations  that better identify new revenue generation opportunities, manage pipeline more efficiently and provide timely new insights to accelerate the sales cycle.

We have built solutions by putting together the best combination of our analysts and consultants who complement our clients’ desire to discover and build those capabilities, and drive continuous market excellence.

The use of predictive analytics in sales performance management changes the paradigm of sales enablement and coaching from reactive to proactive, and from instinct-driven to insight and data-driven. Rather than depending on people to source and analyze data and training them to figure out what to do systems can now ingest data in real-time and train itself while pro-actively guiding users on what to do. We accomplish with a solution that incorporates machine learning, data integration and transformation tools supported by best-in-class data modeling and data analysis techniques.


CTI’s sales performance analytics solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Recommendations of next best actions to accelerate the new customer sales cycle, based on stage and other factors
  • Suggested best offers to drive new sales from existing customers
  • More informed insights drawing on the analysis of seller activities correlated to sales stage enabling management to better coach their sellers
  • Embedding self-learning sales processes by constantly modeling behaviors then suggesting next steps to sellers


  • Access real-time and historical data from CRM, finance systems, and external sources.
  • More data, from more sources enables deeper analysis across more factors, greater flexibility, more granular calculations and more accurate sales performance predictions.
  • Machine learning, applied to current and historical data allows you to model how deal factors contribute to sales outcomes, and provides the foundation of our sales performance predictions.
  • Platform services provide ironclad security, a flexible notification engine, roles and permission-based access, integration with third party products.


Our solution leverages a technology stack for data lakes and warehousing to include ETL and database along with visualization tools.  It is a cost effective application that can be cloud-based or on prem.  The combination of adaptors, standard data load system (DLS) and Data Models will accelerate the development in an agile fashion.

  • Web Connectors
  • ODBC (Amazon Redshift, Apache Hive, Cloudera Impala, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and others)
  • Essbase
  • Marketo
  • Concur
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • ServiceNow


Modern cyber criminals are far more likely to hack retail systems and databases steal consumer credit card information than to rob a bank for cash. The cyber security risk to your brand and customer relationship are real and attacker sophistication is ever evolving. CTI has built a class-leading cyber security practice that incorporates that latest in threat protection technologies and tactics. CTI will help you protect your data assets by implementing measurable data governance practices that conform to Federal and State Government regulatory obligations in addition to industry specific requirements.