CTI’s Cyber Security Risk Assessment works with your key stakeholders to understand exactly which information assets should be assessed within your organization, before investigating, identifying and analyzing the vulnerabilities existing within and around them. Every single one of your systems, applications, employees and suppliers has the capacity to introduce cyber risk into your business. Understanding, assessing and quantifying these risks is the first step towards eliminating them.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Our risk assessments address the potential adverse impacts to organizational cyber operations and IT assets. We conduct assessments to determine security risks affecting a client’s core functions, processes, infrastructure, and networks. Our risk assessment process identifies and quantifies organizational cyber threats, asset values, existing security controls, likelihood of threat occurrences, and business impact.  Quantifiable risk assessments support fact-based management decisions and activities by organizational leaders, and open the door to:

  • Improving security architecture
  • Designing security solutions for information systems including:
  • Selection of security controls
  • Selecting information technology products
  • Managing Suppliers/contractors
  • Modifying business functions
  • Implementation of security solutions

Our risk assessments identify and provide insight on vulnerabilities in applications and networks, validate quality and resilience of existing security controls, and prepare an actionable remediation plan.