Expand the Benefits of Hadoop with Virtualization

Expand the Benefits of Hadoop with Virtualization

Virtualized Hadoop is easy to operate and offers high availability, elasticity and multi-tenancy. This white paper explains how you can seize the benefits of virtualization, including:

  • Rapid provisioning — Much of the Hadoop cluster deployment can be automated.
  • High Availability — This protects the single points of failure in the Hadoop system.
  • Elasticity — Capacity can be scaled up and down on demand, resulting in more efficient resource utilization and reduced costs.
  • Multi-Tenancy — Mixed workloads (including non-Hadoop applications) can run together on the same physical cluster.
  • Portability — Use any Hadoop distribution with zero data migration.

If you are considering a virtualized Hadoop environment:

  • Discover how virtualizing Hadoop on vSphere allows you to create and deploy a cluster in minutes.
  • Learn how EMC Isilon enhances Hadoop performance and enables you to deploy a flexible data storage and analytics ecosystem.
  • Find out if the EMC Hadoop Starter Kit is the right fit for your project.

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