Financial Services

Automate allocations with transparency. Easily add new entities. Easily reallocate costs and revenues. Improve accuracy by using feeds directly from source systems. Quickly break down costs to a granular level, such as customer accounts.

Higher Education

Gain visibility into program, degree, course, and student costs. Improve decision-making with insight into cost containment and resource allocation. Ensure resource alignment with actual, measurable information. Understand the true costs of new programs and make pricing decisions accordingly.


Improve budgeting effectiveness by identifying the cost/performance relationship of different service levels. Eliminate wasteful processes with visibility into non-value-added activities. Improve costs by monitoring total life-cycle cost and performance by specialty, department, patient, and clinician.


Identify and prioritize profit initiatives with multidimensional analysis. Strategically match resources to the most profitable opportunities. Improve marketing and sales programs by focusing on targeted customers, products, and channels.