Pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry is undergoing tectonic shifts. Introduction of the far-reaching health insurance reform in the United States and other similar regulations across the globe are not only changing the regulatory framework, but are also impacting the cost and revenue potential of the healthcare payers, providers, and pharmaceutical firms, specifically around R&D productivity and the ability to drive growth and profitability. Additionally, the impact of digitization on the value chain is adding an additional twist to an already complex and tough industry.

Analytics in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry is playing a key role in helping the industry manage the rapidly changing environment and better manage the challenges. Analytics in pharma and life sciences promises significant value creation potential, if it is operationalized. The data required to drive these analytics is distributed across various sources. Our solutions bring data from clinical trials, hospital records, physician notes, sales/marketing data, claims, research papers, and patient demographic and characteristics needs to come together to drive pharma and life sciences analytics.

Organizations can utilize the additional information made available as a result of the regulatory requirements and move away from a siloed approach across functions. They should also utilize the full impact of cloud, mobility, and social media to embrace analytics-driven decision making to create differentiation in an extremely competitive, dynamic, and challenging market.


Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Operational Dashboards

Consolidate, integrate and aggregate data from disparate sources and monitor strategic procurement intelligence for R&D and manufacturing. Track resource deployment and performance. Accelerate time-to-market of products and services. Improve product quality. Optimize production capacity, materials management, and improve distribution processes.

Clinical Trials Analytics

Monitor and analyze clinical trials underway, receive alerts when an active study has changed status; track trials from your competitors and act on competitive information; review current and historical data to make important decisions about drug development strategies and candidates.

Research & Development Tracking

Track any number of scientific sites, conferences, papers and government sites to support R&D information flow. More accurately manage the R&D pipeline; analyze potential upsides of drugs; analyze and respond to insurance and manage care feedback, better manage product strategy and focus.

Sales and Marketing Analytics

Analyze multi-source data to improve sales and marketing effectiveness; deliver real-time reports to sales reps detailing performance against plan; Gain a deeper understanding of target markets, consumer trends and competitors; Uncover hidden sales opportunities and risks in market segments.