In today’s outcome-based pharmaceutical landscape, trial results are no longer enough to earn a place in tomorrow’s marketplace. Pharmaceutical commercial analytics make the critical difference by identifying how to best engage and retain physicians and their patients, while effectively managing payers  to optimize revenue and margin during the short patent window.


Our Vision™ Solution Accelerator  for Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics is your key to success.  By leveraging data and analytics, it delivers efficient and effective targeting of the Physician Specialist Practices and Providers that best align with your product;  provides visibility into the patient journey and a means for improving it over the course of therapy; identifies the competitive alternatives; and pin points inefficiencies in in order to streamline Payer revenue capture.

Our Vision™  Accelerator brings the Commercial Operations data and analytical insights critically needed by Pharmaceutical manufacturers in a challenging and competitive climate. Our Commercial Analytics Accelerator delivers data interpretation and model based insights around:

Health Care ProfessionalPatient EngagementPayer Management
Physician market penetration across the geography: prescribers, non-prescribers, specialists and generalists.

Segmentation, tiering and mapping out healthcare management networks.

Prescriber scoring, clustering and outlier identification.

Promotional response, loyalty and churn prediction.

Marketing spend and ROI.

Patient journey mapping through all touchpoints with HCPs.

Patient on therapy life-cycle: onboarding, market access, conversion, drug disposition trends and scenarios.

Product demand and utilization.

Seasonal fluctuations and location impact (e.g. snowbirds).

Drug switching and off-therapy behavior.

Payer mix and top plans.

Co-pay programs diversification.

Insurance coverage change impact on the prescribing behavior.

Life-time cost.

Evidence-based contract negotiations with healthcare payers.

Health economics.



The Vision™ Accelerator maximizes revenue opportunity and bridges the data gap between Commercial Sales, Marketing and Patient Services teams through the commercial life-cycle: product launch, operations, market saturation, competitive generic entrants and patent expiration.




Our accelerator drives insights by integrating data from 40+ internal and external sources:

Analytical Data Insights
  • Health Care Professionals, prescribing activity, loyalty, influence networks
  • Patient mix, switching behavior
  • Patients, caregivers and advocacy groups
  • Prescriptions and dispositions
  • Coverage policy and payor reimbursement model
  • Co-payment, lifetime costs

Data Ingestion and Integration

  • Internal sales, ERP and drug distribution systems (ex-Factory)
  • Veeva and Salesforce
  • External (IMS, WK, Nielsen etc.)
  • Specialty Pharmacies and Hubs (Cardinal, Lash etc.)
  • Secondary and Public Data Sources (NPI, Census etc.)
  • Promotional Data
  • Finance & Forecast data
  • Social Media


In the pharmaceutical industry, a security breach can cause irreparable damage to the long-term reputation and revenue potential to an organization. Failure to safeguard confidential healthcare and personal information, which, according to Reuters, is worth 10 to 20 times the value of a stolen credit card number. You should know where your commercial operations expose such risks. Thus, data protection is an important aspect of our Vision™ accelerator for all stages of the commercial product lifecycle – from launch to exit.

Our solution addresses:

  • EPCS
  • FDA
  • Sunshine Act
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • National Data Protection and Privacy Laws