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The CTI PatientUniverse is a healthcare data framework to transform vast amounts of data into compelling information so that innovators can uncover, experiment, and collaborate on new approaches to people and population health care. We apply powerful, innovative advanced analytics and next-generation data governance technologies to deliver accurate and timely information across healthcare payers, providers, and clinical researchers.


Revenue Cycle Optmization

The hospital revenue cycle has become more involved in recent years due to more complicated payer contracts and higher regulatory demand. Our solutions help track claims through the entire life cycle, identify missed revenue, aggregate data from dispersed clinical and financial systems, and identify trends and outliers in the data sooner to make more informed decisions. Our Intelligent data framework delivers data from any operational system to set up validations and detect/resolve issues that impact revenue integrity, as well as clinical and operational performance.

Improve Clinical Pathways

Clinicians play a central role in the mapping of steps in a patient’s journey through the entire health system for a given clinical condition. We use analytics to help improve these pathways and to help prioritize how resources are allocated as well as identifying outcome metrics that ensure optimal care delivery. Our approach reveals clinical pathways that inform health care professionals, patients, and their caregivers as to where and when to access the care of their providers to improve clinical outcomes producing better care and financial outcomes.

Identify Population Management Gaps

Hospitals and payers continue to increase focus on keeping their populations of interest healthier and at a lower level of risk-per-dollar spent. Continuous performance improvement in this area is an important ingredient for success under the growing value-based payment models. Our population health management solutions enhance care collaboration by utilizing care management analytics. These solutions, built on our intelligent data platform, identify medical, behavioral, and social determinants of health that can be barriers to good outcomes.

Value-based Care

Navigate the transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement. Identify and launch value-based payment initiatives. Assess models that best address the quality and cost variations within specific markets and providers.

Improve Patient Risk Intervention

Our solutions leverage integrated clinical, cost, and operational data with predictive analytics, machine learning, and more to address organizational patient safety risks and identify areas for improvement. We look to reveal opportunities to immediately reduce the risk that involves identifying and notifying front-line caregivers. We also use proactive techniques based on predictive analytics that include integrated clinical, cost, and operational data; actionable insight; with a comprehensive perspective across the continuum of care.

Optimize Process Workflows

Healthcare providers need integrated, readily accessible, and actionable data embedded into clinical and operational healthcare workflows. We improve workflow efficiency by applying predictive analytics to the planning and execution of vital care-delivery services and processes. Our solutions address resource utilization, staff schedules, patient admittance, and discharge processes. As a result, providers can accommodate more patients, sooner resulting in increased revenue, lower costs, increased asset utilization, and improved patient experience.

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