People and Culture

PeopleThe Best of  Two Corporate Worlds

The Fortune 100 environment exposes our people to sophisticated, career-enhancing skill sets that help advance individuals in their chosen lines of work—whether it be Consulting, Sales, product evaluation, or marketing.

The ‘start-up’ feel ensures that skill acquisition mirrors the speed of technology innovation—our best people tell us that they learn in one year what it would have taken them three years or more to assimilate in comparable-size companies.

Simply put, we combine the finest characteristics of two corporate worlds—the stability and best-practices of a Fortune 100 company, coupled with the energy and opportunity of a start-up.

Fortune 100 Environment

These characteristics allow our people to develop enviable expertise in a secure workplace. CTI is:

  • focused on leveraging our industry knowledge to solve complex business problems
  • considered a trusted partner with the most impressive technology providers in the world, including Tableau, Informatica, Oracle, NetApp, EMC, Commvault and Veritas.
  • committed to providing employees with career development opportunities
  • the advisor to  some of the largest, most innovative companies

Many aspects of our company reflect the stability and sophistication that typically characterize larger corporations including those in the Fortune 100.

These characteristics allow our people to develop enviable expertise in a secure and mature workplace.

Start-Up Environment Feel

CTI offers a start-up feel with the stability of a well-established firm:

  • Small company feel which allows individuals to see the impact their contributions make, feel a direct sense of accomplishment, and receive well-deserved recognition
  • regarded as a provider of a constantly evolving technology suite, from storage and servers to security, networking, and data warehousing
  • exposed early and often to the most impressive emerging technologies developed by our partners
  • expert at selecting, recommending, and deploying only those technologies that meet our exacting standards
  • conversant in virtually every industry because our clients span all industries—including retail, financial services, manufacturing, health services, and biopharmaceutical
  • knowledgeable about business and technology drivers, because our clients range from C-level executives to department heads to IT professionals at all levels
  • involved in deploying numerous technology solutions in client production environments each week

The Power of Our Business Model

For over 20 years, CTI  has prospered by consistently delivering one promise: giving IT & Business professionals the resources they need to excel—superior products and services that can improve their company’s performance.

This fundamental business model delivers opportunities to our people not available in most other types of companies.

We accomplish such delivery through our technology consulting services, and value-added product resale, characterized by Technical Excellence and fueled by our unique focus on solving problems.

Unlike VARs, who typically only resell product, CTI fields three well-regarded technology consulting practices—IT Strategy, Infrastructure Services, and Business Intelligence—which provide high-value-add services and solutions to our clients. Our employees consistently deliver what many other companies can only claim—IT solutions that directly benefit our client’s business.

Unlike large product vendors, our employees are not pigeon-holed and instead offered the ability to round out their skills with access to a variety of products.


People who thrive at CTI are incredibly smart, agile, dedicated, and very appreciative of humor. This is the core of our corporate culture. We aggressively seek these qualities in every hire we make, the best of the best, only the “A” players. Our culture values and rewards:

  • people with bright, smart minds who are agile and adaptive—they are at the root of our success because they ensure that the solutions we deploy satisfy our deserving client base
  • dedication to doing the right thing for the client, going the distance to ensure customer satisfaction and trust
  • humor, preferably dry—though not required, it simply makes the journey more enjoyable—why rant when you can smile?

Other facets of our culture that complement these core characteristics include:

  • fair mindedness, a belief and dedication to doing the right thing
  • appreciation of the opinions and talents of others
  • respect for hard-working individuals who are easy-to-approach, helping those they work with
  • balance between teamwork and individual contribution
  • flat organization, open door policy, less about status and more about content

We attribute our success, the high regard of our clients, and the support of our partners solely to the talented and dedicated people who comprise our company.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has been a core belief since our founding 20 years ago—a belief we practice through community service, which we have been able to expand over the years.

One of our most successful charitable programs is focused on the holiday season, in an effort to bring comfort during what is often a challenging time of year for those in need.

  • ADOPT-A-CHILD/FAMILY: We collaborate with a local Department of Social Services to identify dozens of children in the community where we work who are in need—some transitioning out of dangerous homes, others waiting for adoption. We create a star for each individual, with their holiday wishes spelled out. Some wish for a simple toy to bring joy—a roll-over puppy, a Disney movie or gift cards. Our employees adopt one or more of these youngsters by taking their star and fulfilling their wishes. Since we began this program in 2006, we have steadily increased the number of kids we can help, and have never failed to support all those given to us.
  • As a company we also support The American Cancer Society knowing that everyone is affected by this horrible disease.


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