Bad data governance is risky. Lack of effective data governance is a security concern for 2 reasons: outside security risks associated with dirty, unstructured data, and regulatory compliance issues.

Bad data, and badly structured data poses a security risk for the simple reason that if you have dirty, unstructured data clogging your database, how can you quickly tell when something goes wrong and how can you efficiently monitor what data is at risk? Good data governance tools and practices make it easier to monitor what is happening across your database, and will make it easier to see what areas may be at risk.

CTI can help

CTI is uniquely positioned to help with many aspects of the regulation with our portfolio of audit and security solutions.  Contact us for a free risk assessment or to learn more about our auditing, compliance, and governance framework.

If a company doesn’t get ahead of dirty data coming in from IoT, AI, and Big Data, the main result may just be a massive data swamp rather than the increased intelligence and profits that board members were expecting. CTI consultants can help: