Next-Generation Security Platform

The Problem

Businesses are under attack every day from cyber threats around the world. The end goal of security is to enable your operations to flourish and keep your organization out of the headlines associated with cyber breaches. This means reducing the likelihood of a successful attack.


Security minded officials need to understand the latest technologies in this space to keep pace with the ever evolving threat to information security. The trick is balancing the complexity and cost of security solutions with the ease of use and demands of the users all while keeping the company assets secure.

The Solution

By focusing on preventing successful attacks, Next-Generation Security Platform reduces cybersecurity risk so that it is manageable and quantifiable, allowing organizations to compartmentalize their biggest threats and focus on business operations.



Next Generation Network Security delivers pervasive visibility and control with full context-awareness across the organization. Here are some crucial things to consider:

  • A Network-wide policy architecture is the optimal path to comprehensive security frameworks
  • Policy enforcement should provide for flexible actions depending on the location, timing and type of threat detected
  • Integrated Network-wide policies address the concerns of Bring Your Own Device problems as well as those relating to cloud platforms
  • Network and global intelligence provide deep insight into network activity and the global threat landscape for fast, accurate protection and policy enforcement

Securing yesterday’s network against the threat technologies of today requires new approaches with next-generation network security architectures. CTI can provide crucial guidance in your decisions around implementing these solutions.

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