Manufacturing supply chain analytics enables organizations to move beyond the use of traditional BI tools and beyond the typical scorecard or dashboard abilities Traditional supply chains respond, but they don’t sense. While there are dashboards and reports that show what is happening they don’t expose why. In the world of advanced analytics, we help clients sense, test, learn and orchestrate the response to demand from market to market.

With real-time monitoring capabilities we make it possible for you to enhance the agility of your supply chain operation manufacturing and supply chain analytics is about owning the entire supply chain, including the channel, and managing products from their manufacture to their end use.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Analytics

Procure and Spend Analytics

Provides complete visibility into direct and indirect spend across the enterprise, payment, and employee expenses. Example analyses are spend by Commodity & Supplier, by Purchase Organization, Cost Center, and expense by Employee, Buyer,

Supplier Performance Analytics

Enable a complete picture of supplier performance utilizing comprehensive supplier scorecards. Manage procurement cycle times, supplier price performance, delivery performance, product receipt quality, on-time payment ratings, payment activity and volume and payment analysis.

Inventory Analytics

Monitor inventory levels trend to Sales performance to improve cost exposure, increase turnover through inventory level reduction and increased velocity Properly deploy inventory at the right place / right time and better understand Customer and Supplier returns to maintain quality.

Logistics & Routing Analytics:

Optimize routing of both the components and finished goods across various nodal points in a global supply chain, which has a dependency on vendors and partners across the globe. Use analytical models to optimize allocations via various transportation methods across various sectors and routes