Log Consolidation and Correlation

Consolidate logs from devices throughout your network to enable the detection of patterns and correlations in data over time. The intelligence provided by SIEM allows incidents to be categorized according to their severity, and improves an organization’s security decisions.

Anomaly Detection

Utilizes real-time data collection and historical analysis to provide a holistic view into your organization’s security alerts and detect anomalies in network flow data and be alerted as incidents occur. Minimize an incident’s impact while enabling the swift identification of the attack source.

Network Monitoring

Collect, parse, correlate and store logs from virtually all IT infrastructure sources. Automatically interpret the device type and how to process the event logs as they are received. Intelligently categorize the source of the log into different device groups and server categories.

Threat Analysis

An advanced analytics engine, detects patterns and correlations in data over time. The analytics engine can be easily adjusted to fit the unique needs of each client to help prioritize incidents and identify advanced persistent threats. Alerts are reviewed by security engineers and communicated to our clients, based on pre-determined risk profiles.