Effective cyber incident response requires flexibility and the ability to make proactive decisions, often with limited intelligence. Vigilant organizations develop a proactive and responsive set of capabilities that allow them to rapidly adapt, respond and continue operations with limited impact to the business.

We help you develop comprehensive incident response plans, implement and test these plans, and respond to incidents.

 Have a Plan

  • Policy review and development
  • Ongoing monitoring for breaches
  • Installation and monitoring of forensic appliances for remote forensics
  • Incident response and information security training

Prepare to Respond

  • Determine legal notification requirements based on type of information involved
  • Program review, design and development
  • Incident response and network monitoring training
  • On-demand IR staff during implementation

Respond to Incidents

  • Incident containment and investigation support
  • Log, host and network-based forensics
  • Reverse engineering and analysis of malware
  • Status reporting and/or presentations associated with findings