CTI approaches IAM from a risk management perspective, which often is different than traditional IT consultants or system integrators.   Our consultants have extensive experience in establishing access management policies and procedures.

We can provide insight on establishing identity and access management programs that can scale with your business needs.

Secure Cloud and On-premise Applications

Simplify and secure access to cloud, mobile and legacy applications.

Manage application lifecycle with automated provisioning and single sign-on.

Increase security with multi-factor authentication.

Manage access using detailed logging to verify who accessed what and when.

Multi-factor Authentication

Add a layer of security to protect against the leading cause of data breach, compromised credentials.

Protect across enterprise resources  including cloud and on premise applications, VPNs, endpoints, servers, privilege elevation and more.

Eliminate security gaps with one consistent set of authentication policies.
Privileged Access Security.

Privileged Access Security

Reduce the risk of security breaches by minimizing the attack surface.
Implement privileged identity management solutions to:

  • Consolidate identities
  • Deliver cross-platform, least-privilege access and control shared accounts
  • Provide secure remote access and auditing of all privileged sessions.

Risk-based Security Control

Use machine learning to define and enforce access policy, based on user behavior.

Combine analytics, machine learning, user profiles, and policy enforcement to make access decisions in real time.

Automatically simplify low-risk access, step up authentication when risk is higher, or block access entirely.