What We Do

CTI’s HIPAA compliance consultants help our clients implement data collection and storage policies that not only ensure you are presently compliant, but also put you in a position for ongoing compliance. We’ll help our clients implement simple, proven systems for collecting, storing, & transferring sensitive data to achieve a state of readiness and stop worrying about HIPAA compliance.

Scope of Analysis

Identify any potential vulnerabilities to the availability, privacy, and integrity of your ePHI data. This means all electronic software, hardware, and media your organization uses to create, transmit, receive, or store ePHI.

Threats & Vulnerabilities

Document any perceived threats to sensitive data, and any vulnerabilities that may lead to compromised ePHI.

Determine the Level of Risk

Take an average of the likelihood of threat occurrence and the potential impact of threat occurrence.

Review & Updates to the Risk Assessment

Perform another risk analysis any time your organization implements new technology or operation standards.

Request a Critical Security Controls Assessment

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