Financial services firms are swimming in data. CTI provides powerful financial analytics to help institutional and retail market players monitor and analyze economic factors, assets and investments. You can run multiple scenarios, perform what-if analyses, and quickly understand potential outcomes to plan accordingly.

Further, we help you deploy an Enterprise Data Analytics Platform to a wide array of knowledge workers, from developers and analysts to end-users who are publishing and consuming data. All three aspects of your business – revenue, risk, and compliance – can be directly and positively impacted by the applications we build.

Our solutions make it is easy to efficiently bring together and re-use your corporate knowledge in the form of data sources and/or repositories of business logic. Plus, these solutions enhance the planning and performance management functions by making it easy to a) highlight trends in data, b) detect outliers, c) run what-if scenarios, and d) freely explore the data without being constrained by pre-defined data structures.

financial services

Financial and Operational Analytics

Collect, monitor and analyze operational profit/loss through any number of financial metrics including staffing levels, transaction volumes, products sold, complaints, refunds and error corrections. Comply with industry regulatory requirements.

Portfolio Reporting and Analytics

Evaluate and analyze products and services portfolio to existing and new customers. Gain deeper insight into portfolio risks, exposure and overall profit margins. Maintain and monitor customer actions and life events that impact purchase/sale of financial assets.

Risk and Fraud Analytics

Monitor, evaluate and understand loss impact from internal risk exposure resulting from employees, inadequate systems, or failed processes. Better understand, identify and manage customer exposure levels through analysis of purchasing trends, account activity and events to identify mistakes, credits risks and possible identify theft.

Sales and Marketing Analysis

Get the big picture and supporting details to identify behaviors, buying trends and preferences of important profitable customers. Analyze product sales, revenue levels, and customer segments to develop targeted marketing campaigns, promotional pricing and new products and services to acquire new clients and cross-sell into customer base.