Great data is never an accident. It happens by design with CTI solutions that help you find, cleanse, and transform data for business needs. Data integration and management, cloud integration and data security comprise the platform of data analytics.

Our solutions all:

  • Integrate, secure, and govern next-generation big data with repeatable, reliable, and maintainable processes to add value to your organization.
  • Manage and integrate your data across Salesforce, Azure, Redshift, Workday, and hundreds of other data sources, regardless of their location.
  • Access, integrate, and deliver trusted critical data efficiently to effectively fuel great analytics and business processes across the enterprise.
  • Deliver trusted, clean, high-quality data that drives business value with a solution that scales, regardless of size, format, platform, or technology.
  • Avoid the proliferation of private and sensitive information across the enterprise with the industry’s first data-centric data security solutions for security intelligence and control.
  • Power your business by connecting, integrating, synchronizing, cleansing, and relating data, applications, and processes between cloud and on-premise systems.
  • Deliver business value by providing complete and accurate views of master data with a single source of truth that powers critical business processes.

data integration and management

Cloud Application Integration

Integrate your data sources in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud and on premise applications. We combine real-time data from cloud applications such as Salesforce or Workday with on-premises data sources like Oracle or SAP, even if they reside behind corporate firewalls.

Real-time Data Integration

Connect, synchronize, and relate data, applications, and processes between cloud and on premise systems. Find new sources of data outside your walls that fill in the rest of the picture. Bi-directionally synchronize all key objects from cloud and on premise applications.

Ensure Versatile Quality Management for All Project Types

Manage quality across all data domains, including customer, product, financial, and asset. Create all rules, reference data, and processes can be reused for data migration, data consolidation, analytics, MDM, and data governance projects.

Enable Accurate Global Matching and Address Cleansing

Cleanse, validate, and match customer data across different global locations and languages. Create locale-aware, prebuilt matching rules for customer. data. Incorporate global address cleansing with integrated geocoding.