Data integration and management to enable the ability to achieve and maintain a single, semantically consistent version of master data is crucial to business. Providing clean, connected and authoritative data across an enterprise empowers organizations. It males it possible to analyze, understand and leverage relationships between the people, places and things that are most important to their businesses.

How do you effectively transform data on a consistent basis into information which can provide actionable intelligence for your organization? Poorly integrated business data often leads to poor business decisions, reduces customer satisfaction and competitive advantage, and slows product innovation. This will ultimately limit revenue, while adding little business value. Businesses of all sizes and in many industries are struggling to maintain a consistent, shareable and accurate single version of data across their organizations — a requirement that is growing in importance.

Data security and privacy challenge organizations to meet different but very critical and complementary issues: Data security governs access to data throughout its lifecycle, whereas data privacy defines that access based on privacy policies and laws—for instance, who views personal, financial, health, or confidential data. Both are challenged today with the growth and proliferation of data from cloud, analytic, and big data initiatives, and the continued barrage of data breaches.

Understanding sensitive data risk is key.  Analyzing data risk includes discovering, identifying, and classifying it, as well as analyzing its risk based on value, location, protection, and proliferation. Once the type and level of risk have been identified, data stewards take tactical and strategic steps to ensure data is safe. Our approach to effective management of information allows clients to focus on the insights and decisions that drive performance while providing the governance, data management processes, and infrastructure to cost effectively maintain information accurateness, timeliness and security.