Cyber Security

Risk Assessment

Your business is facing a cyber security risk and you need to find out how. CTI’s cyber security team will conduct assessments that target the security risks affecting a client’s core functions, processes, infrastructure, and networks. Your organizational cyber threats, likelihood of threat occurrences, and business impact will be thoroughly reviewed by our team of experts who will provide the necessary guidance to improve your business security.

Incident Response

Cyber-attacks can a fortune in lost  business and damaged reputation. Your data is your most valuable asset and it can be lost to cyber thieves – everything in your operation is at risk and even the most basic of business functions can be compromised. CTI has the experienced team and technologies to stop a threat and return your business to normal and secure operations with confidence. When you’re under attack, CTI can quickly assess the situation and take immediate steps to stop threat.

Identity and Access Management

Disorganized or dis-unified Identity and Access Management methods can create glaring security holes within a business. CTI will provide a plan and the skills to implement an effective Identity and Access Management solution by reviewing virtually every aspect of your business, including user provisioning, web access management, enterprise single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user activity compliance.

Data Security

The threat to your data from both external and internal threats is very real. CTI’s data security services will confront these problems using a risk-balanced strategy with leading data protection technologies to safeguard your organization’s critical data. We can delivery both consulting and integration services so that you can optimize control over data using market-leading loss prevention and encryption technologies.