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We have integrated many years of data engineering, marketing and analytics expertise to deliver true customer intelligence to our clients as the CTI CustomerUniverse. With an increased focus on being able to truly understand the customer journey and improve all areas of engagement our solution combines the best of consulting expertise with modern data management that provides a solution that benefits the entire organization.

CustomerUniverse Engine

The CustomerUniverse engine is a modern master data management application to solve the modern complexities of ingesting omni-channel customer touchpoints of structured and unstructured data to synthesize a true 360 degree view of the customer. The CustomerUniverse engine will be the foundation for serving the customer related needs for customer analytics, lifecycle management, segmentation and personalization and campaign optimization.

Customer Analytics & Insight Exploration

Brings real-time data with historical behavioral activities (buying history, interactions and campaigns) in a holistic customer profile. Use insights and analytics to drive marketing activities. Engage in data exploration at your convenience using advanced data visualizations and interactive reports.

Customer Lifecycle Dashboard

Leverage our pre-built customer lifecycle and customer journey dashboards to manage the customer lifecycle and brand identification from identified to loyal. Analyze and act on every customer interaction in a single, complete view across all channels. Maximize engagement and spend at any stage in the lifecycle.

Customer Segmentation Exploration

Use advanced data visualization and dashboards to develop accurate personas and segmentation of customers and prospects. Create cross segment programs that appeal to defined demographics and deploy appropriate reward and recognition programs.

Customer Journey Engine

Use our machine learning models to identify the optimal customer experience. Connect the customer journey with your customer engagement campaigns from digital acquisition, on-boarding, retention, growth and loyalty to deliver the next best action, offer and message in the right channel.

Campaign Performance Dashboards

Understand the revenue health of all your customers across all campaigns using attribution modeling. Leverage our pre-built data models, metrics and campaign performance dashboards.

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