Our customer segmentation solutions help businesses get a better understanding of  buying habits and preferences at all stages of the customer lifecycle. Precise predictions of future buying behaviors are discovered to facilitate delivering relevant offers to attract rather than alienate customers and keep them.

We bring together data analysts and consultants who build these solutions for our clients with a vision to discover ways to leverage smart customer segmentation  capabilities, and drive continuous business improvement.



We bring together data from all touch points to build a unified profile  of each customer. CTI’s segmentation solutions open up many opportunities to enhance marketing efficiencies:

  • Analyze behavior and attributes to understand what individual customers are most likely to be interested in
  • Create advanced segments based on multiple customer attributes and events such as engagement level, predictive attributes and behavior.
  • Engage customers more effectively throughout their lifecycle
  • Drive deeper into your customer segmentation to make your message more relevant


Modern cyber criminals are far more likely to hack retail computer systems and databases steal consumer credit card information than to rob a bank for cash. The cyber security risk to your brand and customer relationship are real and attacker sophistication is ever evolving. CTI has built a class-leading cyber security practice that incorporates that latest in threat protection technologies and tactics. CTI will help you protect your data assets by implementing measurable data governance practices that conform to Federal and State Government regulatory obligations in addition to industry specific requirements.