CTI Care™ Managed Analytics support contracts provides cost-competitive operational and technical support of your analytics systems and applications. Our mission is to deliver exceptional service encompassing the diverse needs of modern technology environments in a simple to engage delivery process.

It can, however, be a challenge to manage it and maintain Business Intelligence platforms and analytics internally. The scarcity of professionals for data analytics hampers the development of competitive & advantageous data analysis. This in turn has further fueled the demand for services in effective data analysis. Clients can reliably leverage CTI’s diverse skills more cost-effectively than can be achieved with your own dedicated staff and offload the administrative tasks to our team such as backup of repositories, ensuring there is recoverability for the environment.

CTI Care™ Managed Analytics Support services are  comprised of three components.

Managed analytics services


Some of the key benefits to CTI Care™ are:

  • A wide range of infrastructure, data center and data management technologies are supported
  • Simple to onboard, engage and customize scope when necessary
  • Clear and simple service levels
  • Assigned client success manager and scheduled quarterly service reviews
  • Fixed monthly fee based on service levels and technical environment
  • Cost effective service model providing live operational service and support