Our Leadership

Our leadership team understands the needs of your business and brings their collective knowledge, insight, and experience to provide potential solutions for your most complex issues. They are completely dedicated to delivering on our "Your Data is our Passion" commitment by finding the best ways for you to succeed.

Our People

We combine the finest characteristics of two corporate cultures—the stability and best-practices of a Fortune 100 company, coupled with the energy and opportunity of a start-up.

The Fortune 100 environment exposes our people to sophisticated, career-enhancing skill sets that help advance individuals in their chosen lines of work—whether it be Consulting Services, Client Management, Solution and Product Development or Marketing.

The ‘start-up’ feel ensures that talent acquisition is aligned with the speed of technology innovation—our best people tell us that they learn in one year what it would have taken them three years or more to assimilate in comparable-size companies.

Our Business Model

For 25 years, CTI has prospered by consistently delivering on our promise to give our clients the solutions they need to excel and improve their company’s performance. This fundamental business model provides opportunities for our people not available in most other types of companies. Our employees consistently deliver what many other companies can only claim: Business and IT solutions with a direct benefit to the business.


People who thrive at CTI are incredibly driven, smart, dedicated, and appreciative of humor. This is the core of our corporate culture. We actively seek these qualities in the hires we make. We value and reward people with bright, smart minds who are agile and adaptive and seek individuals with a dedication to doing the right thing for the clients. We appreciate humor though not required, it simply makes the journey more enjoyable.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has been a core belief since our founding 25 years ago. It is a belief we practice through community service, which we have been able to expand over the years. One of our most successful charitable programs is focused on the holiday season, in an effort to bring comfort during what is often a challenging time of year for those in need.

Join Our Team

Are you convinced that technology can help solve many of the world’s greatest challenges? Are you driven to make a difference, eager to make your ideas a reality, open to learning from experienced mentors and, have confidence in yourself and your abilities? If you answered yes to these questions, then we’re confident you have the potential to succeed at CTI and we should talk!

Data & Analytics Consultants

We are seeking full-time Data & Analytics Consultants who are talented problem-solvers with a passion for solving data problems and building analytic solutions.

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Data Analytics Solution Architect

The Solution Architect is responsible for developing engagement opportunities by framing creative and compelling solutions while navigating and influencing the decision-making dynamics with the client/prospect while teamed with the CTI Client Management team. The role demands hands-on thought leadership across the end-to-end ecosystem of data and analytic technologies while demonstrating data industry fluency applying outstanding technical and client networking skills.

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