Assess Current State and Quantify Benefits and Effort to Move to the Cloud

Identify key requirements, concerns, controls and constraints for your cloud plan. Identification of pilot applications for migration, security requirements, reference architectures. Prioritize critical path dependencies, risks and constraints.

Choose a Cloud Platform

Can the Cloud Partner help you gain a competitive advantage? Can they demonstrate how cloud computing will specifically benefit your business? What are the internal obstacles hindering a cloud strategy? How flexible are your provider’s deployment models? How solid are their technology choices?

Transform Traditional Infrastructures into Cloud Architectures

Define your reference architecture and the best path for establishing it. Build cloud architectures for hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Transform traditional infrastructure support capabilities to a new cloud operations model.

Build Your Pilot Cloud Framework and Migrate Applications

Implement security and governance controls, migrate workloads and data, initiate production cutover, and provide post migration support and application hand-off. Production testing to validate architecture, performance and availability.