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When you are creating and running Omni-channel campaigns on a more frequent basis, each being targeted with a specific set of offers, the process of evaluating the performance can be daunting.  The factors by which you need to measure the effectiveness as it relates to the consumer lifecycle to address acquisition, growth and retention becomes even more enumerated in how the consumer behaves.  The collection and consolidation of data around the consumer behaviors becomes essential to closing the loop for campaign performance.  CTI provides a suite of accelerators for Closed-Loop Marketing which alleviate these challenges to deliver an optimized marketing capability.


The CTI CustomerUniverseenhances consumer experience around:

  • Omni-Channel Consumer Acquisition
  • Consumer Lifecycle Growth
  • Consumer Loyalty and Retention
  • Optimization of Campaign Execution

Deliver on the promise of Closed-Loop Marketing:

Provision your organization with Self-service Dashboards that are fully supported by the CTI CustomerUniverse Model that enables you to optimize that relationship.


CTI CustomerUniverse accelerator is a closed loop marketing solution addresses how to extract data into a centralized business intelligence platform with a feature set of connectors, data load system (DLS), customizable data models and dashboards:


  • Affiliate Network
  • DoubleClick
  • Google Analytics Adaptor
  • SalesForce
  • Custom Commerce

Data Load System

  • Data Profiling
  • ETL Control Schema
  • Data Validation

Data Models

  • Consumer Lifecycle
  • Consumer Profile
  • Transactions
  • Campaign Communication
  • Media
  • Search


  • Campaign Performance
  • Consumer Loyalty
  • Lifecycle Metrics
  • Operations KPI’s

The solution leverages a technology  stack for data warehousing to include ETL and database along with visualization tools.  It is a cost effective application that can be cloud-based or on prem.  The combination of adaptors, standard data load system (DLS) and Data Models will accelerate the development in an agile fashion.


Modern cyber criminals are far more likely to hack retail computer systems and databases steal consumer credit card information than to rob a bank for cash. The cyber security risk to your brand and customer relationship are real and attacker sophistication is ever evolving. Fortunately, CTI has built a class-leading cyber security practice that incorporates that latest in threat protection technologies and tactics. CTI will help you protect your consumer data assets by implementing measurable data governance practices that conform to Federal and State Government regulatory obligations in addition to industry specific requirements such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.