Disastrous Findings on Disaster Recovery Uncovers Critical Need for Better Data Protection

According to a recent Quantum survey on disaster recovery, a whopping 90% of IT decision makers surveyed felt their data was vulnerable in the event of a disaster. In addition, according to Quantum’s findings, “Twenty-seven percent experienced some form of data security incident in the last year, only 15 percent of which were due to […]

NetApp’s SnapMirror Reflection: Time-saving Technology Tip

It always makes me feel good when I can help a client utilize the technology they own to solve an issue. I was recently working with a client to add additional database copies to their Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment. We went through a storage design and provisioned the solution easily enough. My work was almost […]

Maximize Your Return on Big Data Event

Do you want to make smarter business decisions by harnessing the analytical power of new computing technologies? Do you want to deliver on performance SLAs with the LOB despite ever growing data in warehouses and applications? Do you want to use innovative data integration techniques to meet the fast-changing demands of the business? If so, then join […]

Converged Infrastructure Solutions: Economically Efficient or Ineffective?

More and more, the brain trust seems to think that IT is incapable of cost effectively architecting and managing IT Infrastructure. Being a storage admin for most of my career, I believe in allowing talented engineers on your staff architect and deploy IT infrastructure solutions specific to your business goals and objectives. But you cannot […]

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