A new IT Paradigm? Hardly – still the “I” before the “T”

From Data to Decisions — I’ve made my career in the world of enterprise computing and have lived through the barrage of marketing slogans that have accompanied decades of “paradigm” shifts. Do you recall the professed wisdom of these marketing mantras? HP told us “Invent”, but maybe we should first…. “Think” as IBM had suggested […]

Agility in Test and Dev

Test and Dev environments can be a challenge both logistically and financially.  Building and maintaining an on-premises set of servers and storage for the necessary functions can consume a lot of equipment, footprint, and associated environmental and support resources.  Also, these functions are typically only used periodically and for a limited duration, so dedicating resources […]

Visit us at TDWI in Boston – and enter for your chance to win a Sony PS3TM gaming system!

Who says tech has to be all work and no play? Here’s your chance to get both! Get up to speed on the latest BI and data analytics strategies and enter for your chance to win a new Sony game system! CTI is pleased to be an exhibit partner and sponsor of the upcoming TDWI […]

Changing the Economics of Flash Storage

Flash technology has enabled significant performance increases compared with legacy storage systems. Even with the space, cooling and power savings that this technology brings to the table, the total cost of ownership (TCO) has prevented widespread adoption for general workloads. EMC has delivered a product called XtremIO, architected to make the best use of flash […]

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