ILM Data Archive

Archive Development Life Cycle – Or, What’s that light at the end of the tunnel?

                    Last time we said we’d look at a typical project life cycle. That’s what we’ll do, with this caveat: There is no typical project. Every one is different, sometimes radically different. No doubt you already knew that. And we’ll skip the contract discussions, hardware acquisition, […]

Approaching a Data Archiving Solution

                  At this point, you know something about archiving in general, and Informatica Data Archive in particular. Now, as promised last time, let’s look at how you should approach the task in your own environment. Where to begin? Most shops have multiple applications with multiple databases in […]

What is Informatica Data Archive®?

Last time, I mentioned we’d do a brief guide to the archiving tool I like: Data Archive, part of the Information Life Cycle suite of tools from Informatica Corporation. But first, a bit of background about where the toolset came from. Data Archive was developed about 15 years ago by a cabal of whiz kids […]

Dealing with Data Growth: Archiving

Hello! If you’re reading this, I know who you are: A person who’s been tasked with doing something about all that old data. I make the bold assumption that you’ve been given this task — because no one seeks it out. It’s the least “sexy” thing you can do in IT. No new functionality is […]

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