Data Warehousing

How Your Business Can Prosper from Enterprise Performance Mgmt (Part II)

In order to help a business successfully hit its full potential, the ideal Enterprise Performance management (EPM) platform meets the needs of financial reporting/planning as well as information technology demands. This blog examines each of those interests. EPM Platform for Finance For Finance, EPM must support the planning and reporting process. Accuracy and integrity of […]

Key Activities of Traditional BI

Continuing with our series, we will further the discussion we started in our initial Operational BI post¬†with a focus on Traditional Business Intelligence.¬†Traditional BI focuses on understanding data obtained from different sources within the enterprise, frequently centering on high-level metrics and KPIs unobtainable through operational BI. The ultimate goal is to have a single source […]

Key Activities of Operational BI

In this post we will cover the key activities of operational BI and define its key characteristics. Operational BI helps managers to focus and optimize critical business processes daily. The primary purpose is to access appropriate data in nearly real-time fashion (these days it is even possible to start a discussion about real-time delivery) to […]

The Unfinished Business of Business Intelligence Part 4

Anticipating success: making the BI platform capacity keep pace with demand Failure is the biggest fear of any applications team or architect charged with deploying an Enterprise BI system; the second biggest fear is success. A well thought-out selection and deployment of a BI system leads to increasing acceptance of the tool and growth in […]

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