Data Warehousing

OBIEE 11G Catalog Manager Best Practices

The catalog manager is used to manage the OBIEE Presentation Catalog. It stores the content that users create in a directory structure of individual files. This content includes folders, shortcuts, Oracle BI EE objects (such as analyses, filters, prompts, and dashboards), and Oracle BI Publisher objects (such as reports and templates).   Here are the […]

ETL Data Preprocessing and Normalization: 4 Steps to Cleaner, Better Data

In my last blog entry, I highlighted that the analysis of data in its cleanest, most standardized form is a pinnacle in the performance and growth of a business. In this blog entry, I would like to talk about some of the steps you can take to achieve the cleanest form of data. Real-world data, […]

Need to create an effective BI system? Think like an end user.

You have been given your marching orders: “Implement a data warehouse and business intelligence system that can help us analyze the business!” “What do you want to see?” you ask. And the answer is, of course, “Everything.” End users will never tell you exactly what they need in order to do their jobs effectively because […]

Benefits of using SAaaS

Everyone has that system in the back corner of their data center that nobody wants to support. One application required a special environment and the person who was here when it was deployed has moved on. In fact, you probably have more than just one system that’s like this. ERP might run on Oracle, while […]

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