Data Management

Dealing with Data Growth: Archiving

Hello! If you’re reading this, I know who you are: A person who’s been tasked with doing something about all that old data. I make the bold assumption that you’ve been given this task — because no one seeks it out. It’s the least “sexy” thing you can do in IT. No new functionality is […]

Free Hadoop….pun intended!

Guest Blogger: John Nishikawa Director, Business Development & Alliances free (adjective, verb, adverb) – to make free; release from imprisonment; to unlock your data free (adjective, verb, adverb) – no charge; Isilon HDFS license key Isilon is the #1 Enterprise Shared Storage Provider for Hadoop. We have more customers and more capacity in our […]

Is Your Data at Risk?

The concept of data protection isn’t such a hard thing to understand. It’s safe to say that if you found your way to this blog, you know what data protection is. It’s interesting that although data protection is thought to be a very basic IT concept, we see companies with smart people take very big risks […]

Benefits of using SAaaS

Everyone has that system in the back corner of their data center that nobody wants to support. One application required a special environment and the person who was here when it was deployed has moved on. In fact, you probably have more than just one system that’s like this. ERP might run on Oracle, while […]

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