Data Management

Fear not the backup upgrade: It’s not as scary as you think.

There’s a fairly common scenario in backup environments that I’ve seen at many of the small-to-medium-size shops where I’ve worked. It seems that the backup administration role is oftentimes inherited by (or otherwise bestowed upon) the unsuspecting new hire. This person may have lots of IT experience but little or no background in managing backups […]

Moving to Clustered DOT? Four Things to Know Before You Go

About a year ago, I blogged about why I thought you should be excited about NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8 Clustered Data ONTAP software (cDOT). For you early adopters who migrated, you’re reaping rewards like unified storage, data efficiency, data protection and more. For those of you who are still on the fence, there’s never been […]

Free VM Backups VMware’s vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Part 3

Continuing along in part three of my four-series blog with vSphere Data Protection (VDP), we’ll now take a look at how to use the product by configuring and performing a simple VM backup. Since this is managed directly from within the vCenter Web Client, it’s very easy to interface and get started with VDP. To […]

Virtualizing Hadoop VMware’s Big Data Extensions — Under the Hood Part 2

Here we are continuing my four-part blog series in an attempt to look at some interesting scenarios with VMware’s Big Data Extensions (BDE). This segment will go a bit further into the architecture and some practical benefits of VMware BDE over other Hadoop deployment scenarios. Specifically, we’re focusing on the installation steps and “gotchas” in […]

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