Data Management

Why your business is only as good as its data

In the past few years, it seems like data analytics has become the answer to corporate growth and sustenance. Businesses both large and small have started to perform analytics on data to analyze past performance and chart a plan for the future. There’s no doubt that data is essential to business success, yet far too […]

Veeam and EMC Data Domain Integration

For several years now, Veeam has been producing a wonderful product to protect VMware and Hyper-V virtualized environments. As one of the easiest backup products to setup and manage, Veeam Backup and Replication (B&R) has just become so much better with each version. Today, with version 8 of the Availability Suite or the B&R product, […]

Visualization Capabilities with Qlikview

After being an SAP Business Objects developer for many years, I must say I was biased toward one strong reporting tool and was very apprehensive when I began using another powerful reporting tool called Qlikview for developing a dashboard. It took some time, but Qlikview impressed me by being a performance-driven, high-quality great data visualization […]

1 + 1 = 0? Why would I want a semantic layer?

You are wondering how 1 + 1 can be equal to zero? It doesn’t make any sense. You are absolutely right. It doesn’t make any sense. In the course of my career, I’ve seen cases of 1 + 1 = 0 or 3, but not 2. And you are wondering, “How can this be?” Let’s extend […]

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