Data Management

When To Use NoSQL?

Today every organization is going through a massive technology shift in one way or the other in terms of cloud computing, mobile apps, web, IoT or big data. These are the technologies driving their business. These applications drive the way companies interact with their customers and vise-a-versa. Customer experience is delivered and judged through these […]

Keeping your Backup Software Up To Date – Part 2

In part 1 of this 2 part series discussed NetBackup release compatibility in part 2 we will discuss the actual process of the NetBackup upgrade and the tools that are available to insure your success.  As indicated in part 1, the reasons for upgrading are numerous, not the least of which is new features and […]

Keeping Your Backup Software Up To Date – Part 1

Most organizations today acknowledge the necessity of backing up their business data, however not all recognize the value of a well-oiled and maintained backup environment.  Like many facets of IT, a reliable backup and recovery operation can relieve management stress and enable staff to be more productive.  A perhaps over-used refrain (with a small dose […]

MongoDB: a NoSQL Database 3 Ways it Works for Today’s Data Generation

MongoDB is an open-source document database that provides high performance, high availability and automatic scaling. It’s ideal for running modern applications that rely on structured and unstructured data — and to support rapidly changing data. When compared to relational databases, MongoDB databases are more scalable and provide superior performance. Their data models also address several issues that relational database […]

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