Cloud Computing

62 Days to the Cloud!

Beginning on July 8, our customer set out to transform their startup infrastructure of a single domain/file/print server to an enterprise class Office 365 environment. The goal was to do this with a flexible compute center at Amazon Web Services. About 80 people were involved. They were using an Application Service Provider (ASP) for Microsoft […]

An Overview of Auto Scaling on Amazon Web Services

Recently I talked about how changing seasons can affect computing needs.  It’s inefficient to size your environment for only a few months of heavy activity.  A more efficient solution is to use a cloud platform to scale your environment as needed.  Now that we’ve established the concept, let’s examine how this actually works. Each cloud […]

Upcoming Webinar: Transforming SalesForce Data

Got plans Thursday, October 24th at 2 PM? Join Corporate Technologies in an upcoming webinar on transforming SalesForce data. Data is everywhere — quotes, bookings, leads, campaigns. (SFDC) helps you manage and distribute this data, yet how do you get the most value out of this data? Do you know who your top performing […]

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Excess

With fall upon us and the leaves turning colors, it’s a good time to think about how seasons affect computing requirements. Many retailers earn the majority of their revenue during only one period of the year. This is never more apparent than what happens each and every holiday season. Stores all across the country run […]

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