Cloud Computing

Moving to O365: Some Observations

Having recently moved a small shop to Office 365 (62 Days to the Cloud), I would like to share a few observations about what we learned so that you can prepare for the best experience. This is not a complete set of tips, but there are a few here that I suspect will save you […]

Hurray! We’re In the Cloud! What Now?

  Our young enterprise is operating now with Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances in a Virtual Private Cloud connected to the corporate Local Area Network. We are doing this via the Internet with a Virtual Private Network connection. All collaboration and messaging is served by Office 365. Production is ramping and the business continues to […]

What Happens in Vegas: Amazon 2013

It happened in Vegas, and it has people talking. In the past twenty years or so, there have been only a handful of technological innovations that were so revolutionary that news of them rippled through the industry. Not since the advent of the World Wide Web has there been something as innovative as the current […]

The Cloud Security Paradox

When discussing cloud solutions one of the first things I’m always asked about is information security. I understand the need to control data access and the general fear of your data getting into the wrong hands. However, what many people fail to realize is that in many cases your data is more secure when hosted […]

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