Cloud Computing

PBCS: The Flexibility of the Cloud, the Familiarity of Oracle

For smaller companies or semiautonomous divisions of enterprise companies, the choice between an on-premises planning solution and a cloud-based one usually comes down to one major factor: cost. But at what expense? Should you move away from a solution that is rooted in years of performance and has become accepted in the finance community for […]

Read My Lips – It’s the Network!

You more ‘experienced’ US based readers will recognize that title as a blended adaptation of two memorable political quotes from the 80’s.  But the product truly reflects my view of the most important aspect of hybrid architectures of on-premises and cloud-based IT infrastructures.  Reliable, secure, and performant network connectivity between your on-premises data center and […]

Single Sign On in a Hybrid Data Center Environment

SaaS Subscriptions Many businesses today are subscribing to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications instead of implementing their own on-premises instances of custom or published applications.  This saves the business the expense of owning and operating the application compute and storage infrastructure, and operating and maintaining the application system software too.  There are many SaaS […]

How Big Data Can Impact the Healthcare of Pro Athletes

Professional Football is a unique business in that its most important assets are put in harm’s way as a function of their job.  The NFL has made progress in terms of protecting players from the hazards of playing football but the day-to-day trauma that is sustained on the field is often missed. Due to the […]

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