Business Intelligence

Data Preparation as a Key to Success in Analytics

Data analytics is a process, where information is gathered, modeled and interpreted, with the end goal of providing insights and implications for the business decision-making. Data project pipeline To be successful in it, we must approach a data project in a methodical way. There is a sequence of steps—a data project pipeline with four general […]

Important Considerations When Implementing an ETL Tool

So you’ve decided to take the jump. It’s been years of hand-coding ETL in your business intelligence department. Everything from one-time loads, 3rd party data delivery, type 2 dimensional loads, and decommissioning projects. The team has built an audit frame-work, alerting framework, and thousands of uncommented, non-standardized code. Now is time for a new paradigm […]

Migrating Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence: Time is running out

Desktop Intelligence (Deski) has entered its “End of Life” stage. By the end of 2017, it will no longer be supported and will be phased out by SAP to be fully replaced by Web Intelligence (Webi). If your organization has already made the upgrade to the BI 4.x platform, chances are that you have already […]

Oracle Data Visualization Desktop Vs. OBIEE 12C Visual Analyzer

This blog will provide a comparison between Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD), and Oracle Visual Analyzer (VA). To start I have to say that it was so easy to get started with Oracle DVD, it took approximately 10-15 minutes to download, install DVD and bam…. ready to connect to a multiple array of data sources […]

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