Big Data

3 Best Practices for Optimizing Oracle Exalytics

Oracle Exalytics is a high-performance, in-memory analytics machine that is extremely efficient in running analytics and business intelligence applications. It consists of a powerful hardware (40 CPUs and 1 TB of RAM) as well as Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) product suite with several in-memory optimizations not available in standard OBIEE installation such as TimesTen. The […]

Predictive Analytics vs. Business Analytics: What’s the Difference?

Predictive analytics is a hot issue in today’s business and information technology world. People in the business intelligence community are both fascinated and fearful at the same time. Fascinated – because the progress in computing technology, such as decreased storage costs and cloud computing enables us to explore great new capabilities— not just to solve […]

Why You Should Consider a Converged Infrastructure

I have been a car guy all my life, responsible for not only one, but two full frame restorations of classic 1960s Pony cars. During the builds, I took an enormous amount of time and energy researching the various parts and components that I wanted for my tricked-out ride.  Because of the infinite combinations available, […]

The Big Deal on Big Data

What is Big Data and what does it mean to you? This was one of the hardest terms for me to get my head around, since the word “big” is subjective and needs to be associated with something specific that is clearly defined with comparative elements. Also, the industries that refer to big data are […]

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