Big Data

Key Activities of Operational BI

In this post we will cover the key activities of operational BI and define its key characteristics. Operational BI helps managers to focus and optimize critical business processes daily. The primary purpose is to access appropriate data in nearly real-time fashion (these days it is even possible to start a discussion about real-time delivery) to […]

Informatica World Introduces Data Integration Hub & Vibe

Data Integration Hub Data Integration Hub was one of the more interesting announcements at Informatica World. Almost all of us in the integration business have built something like it at one time, but now it is a product built on the best that Informatica has to offer. With the ability to intake almost any kind […]

The Unfinished Business of Business Intelligence Part 3

On a need to know basis: securing the data, content, navigation and tool access As soon as possible – possibly even before the BI tool selection has been finalized – the business must be consulted and guided to understand the best approaches to security: Data – in what ways must the data coming from the […]

Best Practices in OBIEE Visualization

In this post, I’d like to share three best-practice tips about OBIEE visualization. Fortunately, there are numerous tools that you have in order to bring the data to your users in an efficient way.  There are books written on the subject of dashboards and reports. However, I hope these simple tips might prove useful to […]

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