Big Data

Features of Predictive Analytics

We are concluding this blog series by looking at predictive analytics, the tools that use structured and unstructured data as the basis for making impactful decisions. Predictive analytics enable key decision-makers, whether automated or human, to interpret data and use it to forecast outcomes. Predictive analytics are distinguished from other types of analytics by the […]

Upcoming Webinar: Transforming SalesForce Data

Got plans Thursday, October 24th at 2 PM? Join Corporate Technologies in an upcoming webinar on transforming SalesForce data. Data is everywhere — quotes, bookings, leads, campaigns. (SFDC) helps you manage and distribute this data, yet how do you get the most value out of this data? Do you know who your top performing […]

Query the Quarry: Much Can Be Learned from Data Mining

While it sometimes mirrors traditional BI, data mining differs in its ability to dig deep into a quarry of information. With the right tools, the process can yield valuable and intricate intelligence. As we continue to analyze the BI Maturity Curve with this blog, we delve into data mining. The primary purpose of data mining […]

How Your Business Can Prosper from Enterprise Performance Mgmt (Part II)

In order to help a business successfully hit its full potential, the ideal Enterprise Performance management (EPM) platform meets the needs of financial reporting/planning as well as information technology demands. This blog examines each of those interests. EPM Platform for Finance For Finance, EPM must support the planning and reporting process. Accuracy and integrity of […]

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