Big Data

3 Tips for Smooth OBIEE Administration

OBIEE administration is frequently an avoided topic. However, I believe that it is important for OBIEE projects to have processes and procedures in place to ensure smooth operation and administration of OBIEE services. I have witnessed how issues related to OBIEE administration can wreak havoc on development deliverables and timelines, contributing to delays and unnecessary […]

The BI Journey: Do You Know Where You Are?

With the explosion of structured and unstructured data and affordable technologies to handle it all, the importance of choosing the right Business Intelligence (BI) for Big Data has never been greater. With the ability to sort, store, and analyze data, enterprise is able to maximize its data investment with Business Intelligence. In this blog, I […]

Features of Predictive Analytics

We are concluding this blog series by looking at predictive analytics, the tools that use structured and unstructured data as the basis for making impactful decisions. Predictive analytics enable key decision-makers, whether automated or human, to interpret data and use it to forecast outcomes. Predictive analytics are distinguished from other types of analytics by the […]

Upcoming Webinar: Transforming SalesForce Data

Got plans Thursday, October 24th at 2 PM? Join Corporate Technologies in an upcoming webinar on transforming SalesForce data. Data is everywhere — quotes, bookings, leads, campaigns. (SFDC) helps you manage and distribute this data, yet how do you get the most value out of this data? Do you know who your top performing […]

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