Big Data

The Case for Informatica Big Data Edition & Hadoop

Do you wonder what your customers are saying about your business? What disruptive products might the competition be launching? What issues are being reported in the news that could affect your product line? These are questions that all management at business organizations should be asking and acting upon every day.  Recently, I was involved in […]

Archive Development Life Cycle – Or, What’s that light at the end of the tunnel?

                    Last time we said we’d look at a typical project life cycle. That’s what we’ll do, with this caveat: There is no typical project. Every one is different, sometimes radically different. No doubt you already knew that. And we’ll skip the contract discussions, hardware acquisition, […]

Free Hadoop….pun intended!

Guest Blogger: John Nishikawa Director, Business Development & Alliances free (adjective, verb, adverb) – to make free; release from imprisonment; to unlock your data free (adjective, verb, adverb) – no charge; Isilon HDFS license key Isilon is the #1 Enterprise Shared Storage Provider for Hadoop. We have more customers and more capacity in our […]

Virtualizing Hadoop – VMware’s Big Data Extensions

                I’m starting this 4-part blog series in an attempt to look at some interesting scenarios with VMware’s Big Data Extensions (BDE). In this segment, I’m going to cover a basic overview of VMware BDE. My next segment will go a bit further into the architecture and some […]

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