Deployment of Hadoop on Isilon – Some Lessons Learned

The explosive growth of information is driving companies to find new ways to storage, manage and leverage this information for business value. In 2010 EMC recognized this data storage challenge and moved to acquire Isilon Systems – maker of an industry leading scale-out clustered NAS storage product. Today EMC Isilon solutions can be deployed for […]

Got big data integration challenges? Integrate all your data with Informatica BDE.

Big data is one of the most significant industry disruptors in IT today. Although still in its early stages of maturity, big data has shown significant ROI and has varied uses across every section of the industry. Open source data crunching platforms like Hadoop and NoSQL have enabled us to analyze larger volumes of disparate […]

Don’t Drown in the Data Lake: Remember to Data Profile

Do you need to gain a better understanding of more than just your own transactional system information?  Trying to integrate your own transactional information with social media, news feeds, product reviews, or maybe machine based logs?  Do you feel the pressure to deliver analytic solutions more rapidly?  If so, then you are traveling down the […]

The Case for Informatica Big Data Edition & Hadoop

Do you wonder what your customers are saying about your business? What disruptive products might the competition be launching? What issues are being reported in the news that could affect your product line? These are questions that all management at business organizations should be asking and acting upon every day.  Recently, I was involved in […]

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