Amazon Web Services

Piloting Your First App on AWS

In my post last week, we discussed key criteria for selecting an app to move to the cloud on AWS. Once you have that app selected, it is time to put things into motion. After you have completed a thorough analysis of your application, you are ready to begin the process of deploying it on […]

Hurray! We’re In the Cloud! What Now?

  Our young enterprise is operating now with Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances in a Virtual Private Cloud connected to the corporate Local Area Network. We are doing this via the Internet with a Virtual Private Network connection. All collaboration and messaging is served by Office 365. Production is ramping and the business continues to […]

An Overview of Auto Scaling on Amazon Web Services

Recently I talked about how changing seasons can affect computing needs.  It’s inefficient to size your environment for only a few months of heavy activity.  A more efficient solution is to use a cloud platform to scale your environment as needed.  Now that we’ve established the concept, let’s examine how this actually works. Each cloud […]

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Excess

With fall upon us and the leaves turning colors, it’s a good time to think about how seasons affect computing requirements. Many retailers earn the majority of their revenue during only one period of the year. This is never more apparent than what happens each and every holiday season. Stores all across the country run […]

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